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14/8/22: Sunday Express: Tory Hopefuls and Cost of Living: 

13/8/22: Daily Mail: Octopus Energy Friday Parties: 

12/8/22: Daily Mail: NHS Cyber Attack:

11/8/22: Daily Mirror: £200 per week Petition: 

11/8/22: Daily Mirror: Virtual Hospital Appointments (and LBC Radio Interview):

10/8/22: Daily Telegraph: Virtual Hospital Appointments:

10/8/22: Daily Express: Heat Wave Health Warning: 

9/8/22: Daily Express: Truss and Older People:

8/8/22: Daily Record: £200 per Week Petition:

7/8/22: Sunday Express: BBC and Cost of Living:

7/8/22: Sunday Mirror: Older People and Cost of Living:

3/8/22: Daily Mail: Loyalty Cards and Apps:

2/8/22: Daily Mail: Accident and Emergency Waits:

2/8/22: Daily Express: Petition on Minimum Pension Guarantee:

1/8/22: Daily Record: Petition on Minimum Pension Guarantee:

31/7/22: Sunday Express: Older People and Apps:

28/7/22: Daily Mail: Five Minute GP Appointments:

25/7/22: Radio 4 You and Yours: Smartphone Apps (7 minutes in): 

18/7/22: Daily Express: TV Licence Fee Future: 

17/7/22: Sunday Express: Eco-Heaters and Costs:

13/7/22: Daily Express: BBC Celebrity Salaries Comment Column by Dennis Reed:

12/7/22: Daily Mail: Ghost Patients: 

10/7/22: Sunday Express: Cost of Living Pressures on New PM:

9/7/22: Daily Express: Pensions Reform Needed:

6/7/22: Daily Express: Silver Voices Call for £200 Minimum Pension Guarantee: 

 4/7/22: The Guardian: Future of Postage Stamps: 

2/7/22: Daily Telegraph: Digital Only World: 

1/7/22: Daily Mail: Shortage of GP Appointments: 

30/6/22: Daily Express: Only One in Twenty State Pensioners Get Top Rate: 

29/6/22: Daily Express: Digital NHS: and Express Editorial

28/6/22: Daily Express: Freeview Campaign: 

26/6/22: Sunday Telegraph: Patients Visit Pharmacies Instead of GPs:

23/6/22: Daily Express Editorial: Triple Lock:

23/6/22: Daily Express (and inews): Threats to Triple Lock:

21/6/22: Daily Telegraph: Remote GP Appointments and the Environment:

20/6/22: Daily Mail: Closure and Mergers of GP Practices: 

20/6/22:You and Yours Interview Radio 4: Director Dennis Reed on Digital Voice: (32 minutes into programme)

19/6/22: Sunday Express: Windfall Tax to Pay for Pension Rises: 

15/6/22: Daily Express: Cost of Living Crisis and State Pensions: 

15/6/22: Daily Mail: TV Licence Prosecutions: 

11/6/22: The Times (behind Paywall): Hospital Visiting Restrictions: 

9/6/22: Daily Mail: Sick Notes and GPs: 

8/6/22: Daily Mail: 13 Hour Wait in A and E:

2/6/22: Daily Express: Save Our Landlines (and LBC Radio Interview):  

1/6/22: Daily Telegraph: GP Shortages:

30/5/22: Daily Express Front Page: GP Missed Appointments:

30/5/22: Daily Mail: Short GP Appointments: 

27/5/22: Daily Mail: Growth in Private GP Appointments: 

23/5/22: Daily Express: Energy Prices/Windfall Tax (including Comment Column by Dennis Reed):

22/5/22: Sunday Express: Cost of Living Survey: 

22/5/22: Sunday Mail: Roll Out of Digital Voice:

19/5/22: Daily Express Editorial: 

19/5/22: Daily Express Front Page Splash: Older People Can’t Cope: 

19/5/22: inews: Older People At Risk In Cost-of-Living Crisis: 

18/5/22: Daily Express: TV Licence Fee Unfairness:

18/5/22: Daily Mail: Telephone Wait Campaign:

15/5/22: Sunday Express: Cost of Living Front Page Splash: 

15/5/22: Sunday Times (behind Pay Wall): TV Licence Fee Prosecutions: 

12/5/22: Daily Telegraph: BBC Pay Backlash: 

11/5/22: Daily Mail: GPs’ Workloads:  (also the Times)

9/5/22: Daily Express: BBC Priorities: 

8/5/22: Sunday Express: Cost of Living Minister: 

3/5/22: Daily Mail front page quote: Where Have All the GPs Gone?: 

2/5/22: Daily Express Online: Local Elections Tory Boycott:

29/4/22: Daily Express front page splash and comment column by Dennis Reed: Future of TV Licence Fee: 

27/4/22: Daily Express: Parkinson’s Charity Prop Up NHS: 

24/4/22: Sunday Mail: Amazon Prime Shops With No Staff:

22/4/22: Daily Mail: Flu Jab Cut-Backs:

21/4/22: Daily Express: Older People and Cost of Living: 

21/4/22: Daily Mail: Banks Restricted Opening Hours:

20/4/22: Daily Telegraph: NHS Waiting Lists:

17/4/22: Sunday Mail; GP Appointments: 

17/4/22: Sunday Express: Quotes on Energy Prices Nightmare and Article on Increasing Use of Opiates: 

16/4/22: The Times (behind Pay Wall): Government Four Years Behind GPs Target: 

14/4/22: Daily Mail: Royal College Advertising GP Jobs in Australia: 

14/4/22: Daily Mail: GP Numbers Postcode Lottery:

13/4/22: Daily Mirror: Silver Voices and the Local Elections:

12/4/22: Daily Telegraph (front page lead story); NHS Crisis:

12/4/22: Daily Express: Rescue Package for Older People (front page story and leader column support for Silver Voices proposal): 

8/4/22: Daily Mail: GPs and Saturday Working: 

7/4/22: Daily Express: DWP Pension Errors: 

4/4/22: Daily Mirror: Cost of the Broken Promise on Free TV Licences:

2/4/22: Daily Express: Fury at Chancellor’s Spring Budget: 

31/3/22: Daily Telegraph: Changes to Postage Stamps:

29/3/22: Daily Express: Suspend TV Licence Fines Open Letter: 

28/3/22: Daily Express: Covid Tests Row:

28/3/22: Daily Express: Possible Council Tax Rebate: 

22/3/22: Daily Express: Minister Warns BBC on Prosecution of Over-75s: 

22/3/22: Daily Mail: Triple Lock Assurances:

15/3/22: Daily Mail: GP Appointments: 

14/3/22: Daily Express: Scrap Future Pension Age Rises:

13/3/22: Sunday Express: Cost of Living Crisis:

7/3/22: Daily Express: Silver Voices Support for Dementia Research Campaign (no online version)

5/3/22: Daily Express: Digital Postage Stamps: 

27/2/22: Sunday Mail: Bank Profits:

26/2/22: Daily Express: Cost of Living and Older People:

24-25/2/22: GP Appointments Down Again: Daily Telegraph (behind Pay Wall): . Also Daily Express

20/2/22: Sunday Express: Covid-19 Restrictions: 

20/2/22: Sunday Express: Patients and GPs: 

19/2/22: Daily Express: Government Denial of Older People: Pension news: Rishi Sunak accused of ‘ignoring plight of pensioners’ in UK crisis | UK | News |

17/2/22: Daily Telegraph (behind Pay Wall): BBC Renews Capita Contract: 

13/2/22: Sunday Express: Pensioners and Cost of Living Crisis:

12/2/22: Daily Express: State Pension and Cost of Living: 

9/2/22: Daily Express: Silver Voices Petition: 

9/2/22: inews: Government Rejects Emergency Petition Uplift:

6/2/22: Sunday Express: quote in spread on Energy Crisis (no online version)

3/2/22: Daily Express: Cost of Living Crisis: 

2/2/22: Daily Record: £500 Pension Increase Petition: 

27/28/1/22: Daily Mail: GPs Priorities: (also Daily Telegraph behind Pay Wall and the Sun)

25/1/22: Daily Express: £500 Pension Call:

24/1/22: Daily Mail: GP Complaints: 

23/1/22: Sunday Telegraph (behind Pay Wall): Complaints Triple on Access to GPs:

22/1/22: Daily Mirror: Older People Let Down By Dorries:

20/1/22: inews: Need for Emergency Pension Increase as Inflation Rises (also Daily Express):

17/1/22: inews: Disingenuous Culture Secretary Statement on BBC Licences (also comment column in Daily Express): 

16/1/22: Sunday Express: GP Appointments: GPs

15/1/22: Daily Mail: MPs Second Homes and Energy Costs: 

11/1/22: Daily Mirror: Capita Enforcement Action on TV Licences:

9/1/22: Daily Express: State Pension Problems: 

6/1/22: Daily Telegraph(paywall): Dangers of Remote GP consultations:

1/1/22: i newspaper: Pensions Issues in 2022: 

30/12/21: Daily Express: Cost of Living Crisis (Silver Voices quoted on front page). (Also story on same subject in Daily Mirror) : 

17/12/21: Daily Express: BBC Savings on Repeats: 

16/12/21: Daily Express: Rising Inflation:

16/12/21: Daily Express: BBC and Visits to Over-75s:

10/12/21: The Times (behind Paywall): Xmas Restrictions on Care Home Visitors

7/12/21: Daily Express (front page story): Cost of Living Crisis:

5/12/21: Sunday Express: Older People Still Shielding: 

4/12/21: Over 75s Health Checks Dropped: Daily Mail (and Telegraph, BBC News, Radio 4, Radio 5): 

28/11/21: Sunday Express: Johnson and Social Care Promise:

24/11/21: Daily Express: Overturn Social Cap Decision: (and Leader Column)

21/11/21: Sunday Express: Postcode Lottery for GPs: 

20/11/21: Daily Express: Boris Johnson Must Intervene on Free TV Licences: 

19/11/21: Daily Express: BBC Blunder over TV licences: 

18/11/21: The Guardian: Regressive Social Care Plan:

17/11/21: Daily Mail: Bank Branches and Older People:

16/11/21: inews, Daily Express, Daily Mail: Triple Lock Betrayal:

12/11/21: The Times: Booster Jabs and NHS App (behind pay wall): 

10/11/21: inews: Compulsory Covid Jabs for Health and Social Care Staff: ( also in Times and Daily Telegraph)

6/11/21: Daily Express: BBC Customer Care Visits Start:

 4/11/21: inews: Triple Lock Debate: 

1/11/21: Daily Express: House of Lords Triple Lock Battle: 

31/10/21: Sunday Express: Climate Change and Older People: 

30/10/21:Daily Express: Tories Will Pay a Price for Budget: 

28/10/21: inews: Budget and Pensions: 

28/10/21: Daily Express: Dismal Budget for Older People:

26/10/21: i newspaper and Daily Express: Last Ditch Attempt To Save the Triple Lock:

25/10/21: Daily Telegraph: Replacing Train Timetables With QR Codes: 

21/10/21: Daily Express: Alzheimer’s Training for BBC Enforcement Staff:

 20/10/21: Daily Express: State Pension Double Whammy:

16/10/21: Daily Express: BBC Customer Care Visits Starting: Article and Comment Column by Dennis Reed:

11/10/21: GPs Crisis: Front Pages of Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph: 

10/10/21: Sunday Mail: Cost of Living Crisis:

9/10/21: Daily Mirror: Request for Meeting with Culture Secretary on Free Licences:

 5/10/21: Ageism at Work: 

5/10/21: Daily Mail: GP appointments at Tory Conference: 

1/10/21: Daily Express: Climate Change Survey:

1/10/21: Daily Mail: Falling GP Appointments (also Telegraph and Express): 

27/9/21: Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Mail: Tim Davie Salary Increase and Over 75s’ Anger:

 23/9/21: Daily Express: Front Page Story Winter Fuel Payments:

22/9/21: Daily Express: Tim Davie Comments on Free Licences: 

20-22/9/21: Face to Face GP Appointments: Numerous national reports including: Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph

Daily Mirror 17/9/21: Senior Railcard Refunds:

Inews 13/9/21: Threats to Tory Votes on Triple Lock:

Inews 8/9/21: Opinion Piece on Social Care Plan:

Daily Express 8/9/21: Triple Lock Fury: (also many other newspapers)

Inews 6/9/21: Winter Fuel Allowances Must be Increased: 

Inews 4/9/21: Triple Lock Campaign: (also covered in the Daily Express)

Daily Express 1/9/21: BBC/Government Negotiations on TV Licence:

Daily Express 31/8/21: State Pension Shortfalls:

Inews 24/8/21: Threats to Conservatives on Triple Lock:

Daily Telegraph 27/8/21 and subsequent issues: GP Face to Face Appointments (behind pay wall)

Daily Express 23/8/21: Free TV Licences:

Daily Telegraph 21/8/21: GP Face to Face Appointments Campaign: Front Page and Leader Column (behind pay wall)

Daily Express Front Page 12/8/21: Triple Lock Warning to Chancellor: 

Daily Express 2/8/21: End of TV Grace Period For Over 75s (also covered in the Daily Mirror): 

Daily Express 30/7/21: Warnings on Triple Lock:

Daily Express 27/7/21: TV Licence Enforcement Letters: 

Daily Express 23/7/21: BBC £40 Million Budget Loss:

Sunday Express 18/7/21: NHS Dentist Crisis: dentist

Daily Express 9/7/21: Threats to Triple Lock: 

Daily Express 6/7/21: Scrapping Free NHS Prescriptions is Economic Madness:

Inews 30/6/21: Licence Amnesty End (also covered in Mirror, Express, Mail, Telegraph and others):

Scottish Daily Mail 30/6/21: Funeral Expenses (also covered in the Daily Mail): scottish daily mail 30.6

 Daily Express 21/6/21: Threats to Triple Lock (FRONT PAGE STORY):

Sunday Express 20/6/21: Face to Face Appointments with Doctors: Sunday Express 20 June 2021

Daily Mirror 18/6/21: Meeting With BBC Planned:

Daily Mirror 14/6/21: House of Lords Bill on TV Licences:

Sunday Express 6/6/21:  Abuse by Carers 

Daily Mirror 1/6/21:  Breaking the Impasse on Free TV licences:

Daily Express 20/5/21: Psychological Warfare by BBC on over 75s:

Daily Express 5/5/21: Broken Promises Over Social Care Reform 


Silver Voices protests with Age UK outside Tory HQ in London about the scrapping of free TV licences for the over 75s